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Unlocking the Future with Código

Blockchain Development
Lifecycle Automation

Código is the go-to platform for any dApp you want to build. We generate blockchain code that works right out of the box, so you can focus on innovation.

Código allows you to focus on your business logic and innovation by delivering:

Boilerplate and stubs

Client libraries

Web-based documentation

Test cases

We support

Código Platform

Use the CIDL (Código Interface Description Language) to generate a smart contract from a YAML file. Get production-ready code that’s optimized for security and blockchain fees in seconds. Then focus on business logic instead of developing boilerplate code.

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Go Faster

Código generates 100% of the boilerplate code, client libraries and documentation, saving weeks of development time.

Keep Innovating

Código allows a developer to shift the vast majority of development time to business logic and innovation.

Breathe Easier

Código adds automatic security checks and signatures. Our code is also audited externally, increasing your peace of mind.

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Código’s platform powers any use case, from simple to complex, and across any industry, like finance, real estate, healthcare, and more.