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Our Tools

Codigo's tools feature everything you could want: efficiency, flexibility, control, and ease.

Código Studio

Start building your Web3 project with Código Studio, our web-based IDE, based on open source VS code. Código Studio makes building your dApp easy with the Código Interface Description Language (CIDL), which includes all the tools needed for your smart contract and client development, testing, and deployment.

Try Código Studio
Runs Anywhere

Código Studio runs on any browser, including mobile devices.

Intelligent Auto-Completion

Write CIDLs faster with intelligent auto-completion.

CIDL Public Library

Access the full and most current repository of public CIDLs available directly from the Studio.

All Dependencies Built In

Get blockchain command lines tools, smart contract compilers, test validators, language compilers, and more.

Always Current

The latest version of the Código platform is always available from the Código Studio.  No need for updates or downloads.

Customizable Environment

Pick the version you need in terms of blockchain command line tools, compilers or test nodes.

Código Command Line Interface (CLI)

We also created a separate downloadable CLI for added flexibility if you prefer to run your programs locally. Same robust results with the control you seek. Simply go to our CLI documentation for more information and access.